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A magical morning. A morning of wild boar - Cinghialtracks.

I hop back onto my bike after months spent without breathing in this crisp air of home, without seeing these bright colours and enjoying the smell of the undergrowth. I climb up a trail surrounded by woods that swallow up the sun and leave me pedalling in a pleasant shade. I leave all the traffic, the chaos, the urban stress and day-to-day problems behind and fill my lungs with fresh air. On these steep slopes there's no room for anything but a pounding heart and burning legs, while the chain slips rapidly over the cogs. I slip it into my “mountain climbing gear” and I climb…I climb…until I get to the majestic beech grove.
We haven't met for ages, for far too long. I missed its silence, the almost total lack of undergrowth, formed only of leaves, ferns and moss, illuminated by rare flashes of light.
I keep going along a magnificent roller-coaster trail and my adrenalin is really flowing strong. I ride and I let myself be guided, I bend down into the curves, I feel the tyres gripping the earth, at each bend I angrily skid as if I were a wild animal, as one with my mountain bike.
The air gets colder and crisper as I climb higher, the cool wind of the Apennines mixes with the warm currents of the Mediterranean and a confused nature grows flashes of Mediterranean brush alongside beeches and spruce trees.
The silence is broken only by the wheels that swiftly run along the track, and by the gear changes.
I cross wild mountains that open up before me when I arrive at Cascina Miera. From there I embrace an unbounded horizon that ranges from the pure white of the Alpine peaks to the deep blue of the Mar Ligure. I pause to reflect on the commanding Alpine watershed and stare into the distance, seeking the profile of Corsica in the blue and of Genoa the "Superba" to the east. Falcons fly lightly and majestically above me. I am here alone, immersed in the green and facing the blue of the sea. I keep going, and look for traces of the first great flight of the Imperial Eagle, vestige of the distant, glorious Napoleonic past. I throw myself headlong into the furrow of the historical trenches, two fallow deer cross in front, scampering away, I manage to go fast and pedal alongside them for a few seconds, admiring their grace.
From the Bric del Tesoro peak I continue towards the valley and go looking for more technical tracks to stress my body and free my soul. I head into black trails, formed of earth and ancient traces of coal. Along this black line, squeezed between edges of bright green grass and dried leaves, I quickly descend around tight bends and jumps...I feel as agile and light as a fawn.
I am one with my bike and with my surroundings.
The adrenalin-filled downhill ride ends and I have to climb back up to the top. I stop and drink from the spring, the clear precious water of my land. I fill my water bladder and set off again. More tough climbs take my breath away and really burn up my legs. I'm tired, but I'm on top of the mountain again, after a long ride through one of the biggest beech groves in Liguria.
I slip on my protective gear and descend along the rapid single tracks that go downhill from Pilone to Cianlazz, surrounded by the fragrance of fresh grass and mushrooms.
I descend in a thrilling flow, I change into the highest gear, my shoulders, arms and legs feel exhausted after a long, formidable descent, up and down in compressions that void the force of gravity.
And suddenly...amidst the ferns, right in front of me, a family of wild boar! Mum and dad quickly run away, taking with them a litter of grunting piglets.
I stop to enjoy the show as the family disappears into a valley. I'm alone here, and I feel free and happy. I head down towards home and throw myself into continuous bends until I cross a pine grove and return to the valley. A magical morning. A morning of wild boar - Cinghialtracks.


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Michele Turnaturi
Michele Turnaturi
Cycliste savonais de Cinghialtracks

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